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SOG Call Out List

12/17/2007    Suicidal subject Barricade (Lucas & Osborne County)
03/28/2008    Suicidal Subject Standoff (Gorham)
07/28/2008    Agency Assist Lincoln County SO
Murder Suspect from Ellsworth
01/05/2009    Meth Lab Search Warrant (Dorrance)
01/08/2009    Meth Lab Search Warrant (Russell)
01/19/2009    Meth Lab Search Warrant (Lucas)
11/20/2009    Criminal Threat Call/SW MJ Grow
12/01/2009    Marijuana Grow (Russell)
11/22/2010    KBI and PD Assist 2 Meth Lab Search Warrants
12/19/2010    Armed Subject Standoff PD Assist
12/19/2010    Suicidal Subject PD Assist
02/02/2011    Hays PD Assist Standoff
03/21/2011    Standby call Downs KHP Standoff
08/21/2011    Suicidal Subject Wilson Lake
10/04/2011    KBI Standby Barricaded Subject
Goodland, KS
11/24/2011    KBI Standby for Warrants in Salina
11/30/2011    Agency Assist Standoff Russell PD
12/07/2011    PD Warrant Assist
12/28/2011    KBI Assist Barricaded Subject
01/11/2012    KBI Assist Armored Vehicle to Palco, KS for Barricaded
Armed Robbery and Murder Suspect
03/22/2012    Ellsworth County SO Assist
Suspect Assaulted Deputy

The Special Operations Group (S.O.G.) is a twelve man tactical team consisting of Deputies of the Russell County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Russell Police Department.  The primary focus of this team is on being a life saving entity.  We are a resource for Russell County specifically, and Kansas Law Enforcement, in general.  Our philosophy reflects our most basic and fundamental commitment to the protection of those who are unable to protect themselves.  All of the tactics and training are geared toward the avoidance of violence, when possible, and the judicious and precise application of force when necessary.  All team members have attended a 40 hour basic SWAT School.  All members are to attend 8 hours of training per month, along with learning and exercise programs.

This team, since its inception in 2003, has executed more than fifty drug and high risk warrants, negotiated the peaceful surrender of barricaded subjects, and employed special tactics to take several suicidal subjects into custody.

 The team is comprised of snipers, Certified Meth Lab Techs, hostage negotiators, and tactical medics.

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