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The Russell County Sheriff’s office is contracted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to give law enforcement support at Lake Wilson.  The contract period runs from the middle of May through Labor Day weekend.  This is done with two part-time deputies and one full-time Correctional Officer that is pulled from the jail on the weekends.  While at the lake, the Lake Deputy patrols the roads in and around the parks.  There are three parks on the Corps of Engineers side of the lake, and two parks in the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism side.  The Corps of Engineers has to Park Rangers on duty patrolling the parks and the water.  The state has one Full-time Park Ranger and a Seasonal Ranger on duty patrolling the State Park area.  The state also has a Conservation Officer on the water at different times of the summer.  The Corp and the State both have boats stored at Wilson Lake for patrol and emergencies.  From time to time other KDWLPT Officers bring boats to Wilson Lake for water patrol.  Our Deputies have and can board either boat in case of an emergency or to backup one of the other officers.  All deputies have had training in regards to boating safety and water self-defense.  Our Office does not provide a Deputy for water patrol.  The number of visits to Wilson Lake has increased from 177,956 in 2005 to 214,533 in 2011.  Wilson Lake has 9,000 surface acres of water and 12,842 acres of land.  During the summer hours, Wilson Lake easily becomes one of the largest towns in Russell County.  The Deputies have responded to several fights, domestic complaints, stolen property, and other complaints.  They also assist the Corp with noise complaints and other park violations.  We hope the outcome of the season is a safe and peaceful time at Lake Wilson.

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