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Russell County Jail
Adult Detention Facility
Correctional Staff

Damian Morgenstern - Sergeant
Khole Mathews - Corrections Officer
Donnie Revell - Corrections Officer
Scott McAdoo - Corrections Officer
Lonnie Whitten - Corrections Officer
Frank Alexander - Corrections Officer
Xavier Beran - Part-time Corrections Officer

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The Russell County Adult Detention Facility or Jail was originally built in 1955.  The facility has undergone several remodels and upgrades of technology.  The correctional staff consists of 6 full-time Correctional Officers, 2 part-time Correctional Officers, and 1 Jail Administrator who work 12 hour shifts and handle the jail’s population of 21 beds.  The population can exceed our capacity very quickly so often times the staff is on the road handling inmate transports to other facilities in our area.  The facility houses both male and female prisoners, along with work release inmates and D.O.C. holds that come through our doors.  The staff books in and books out inmates and the average daily population is 19 inmates.  As of July 1, 2012, the 321 inmates have been booked into the jail this year.  The jail was recently upgraded from boiler heat to central heat and air.  The staff is trained in jail operations through the Kansas Sheriff’s Association and other specialized training with includes Cell Extraction and Electronic Defense Inmate Transport systems.  Inmates are given weekly commissary, visitation, and phone access in every cell.  Meals are provided to the inmates from our own kitchen facilities by the jail staff


1 Visitation is SATURDAY and SUNDAY  from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. Visitors must be placed on the inmates visitation list by the inmate.  Visitation is a privilege and can be restricted or eliminated.  All visitors must follow the Rules of the Russell County Adult Detention Facility.  Inappropriate clothing and conduct can result in you being turned away or visitation being stopped.  Anyone trying to introduce contraband into the Facility can and will be charged with a Crime.

2. Commissary Money may be provided to the inmates by depositing money onto their account.  This can be done in person with the Administrative staff.

3. Contacting inmates can be done through the mail.  No incoming phone calls are allowed and the staff does not deliver messages.  Each Cell has a phone in it and inmates can call out.  The phone Company PROTOCALL own and operates the inmate phone system.  All people using the phone system needs to be pre warned.  ALL PHONE CALLS ARE SUBJECT TO MONITORING AND RECORDING.

4. Inmates who accumulate any large bills like medical,  etc. are subject to the rules of the Facility and can have their accounts frozen and are subject to civil action to recover the costs of their bills.

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